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Lie Cheat and Steal

John Edwards is about to be indicted for stealing a million dollars of our money. And I thought that he was not a full time politician. He might have made a good president by today’s standards. He certainly knows hot … Continue reading

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Giving out Ten Ten Numbers

A while back when the sunspots were roaring and the solar flux was blowing giving out tenten numbers was the thing to do. What got me thinking about ten ten was that a fellow asked me the other day if … Continue reading

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Ham Radio is Fun These Days

I went out to the ham shack and got on the air this morning. The sunspot numbers and solar flux (29 spots and a solar flux of 93) were down from what they have been but propagation was still very good. … Continue reading

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Bin Laden Uproar

There has been much coverage of the Ben Laden killing recently. Too much, in fact the news readers always run it into the ground. They are no different in this case. I understand that the people who have loved ones … Continue reading

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Putting Life into Perspective

May 5, 2011-This has been a trying few days for us. My sister, Jane had a massive stroke and watching her when her life was touch and go puts a different perspective on life for me. The things that I … Continue reading

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